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  • An initial consultation with one of our Board-certified dentists to determine the right treatment
  • A personalized, patient-centered treatment plan that is specific to your needs
  • Cutting-edge technology including 3D dental imaging
  • A safe, friendly and comfortable environment you’ll want to come back to
  • A reason to smile in the face of adversity, hardship and so much more!

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For many years, Aesthetic Dento-Facial Associates in Sandy Springs has been combining cutting-edge technology with compassionate, personalized treatment to provide patient-centered, patient directed care in the greater Atlanta area. Thanks to the research of Dr. Muecke and Dr. Leever, along with a partnership with Georgia Tech Research Institute, ADFA became the first general dentistry office in the nation to have a CT scanner on-site. This technology allows us to provide low-radiation, 3-D imaging for our patients, greatly enhancing our ability to map out treatment options.

We’ve built our treatment philosophy and strategy around the concept of “patient-centered, patient directed care.” We have seen through the years that properly informed patients make excellent decisions about their dental health, so we build our treatment strategy around careful examination, explaining the issues and treatment options in easy-to-understand terms, and empowering the patient to make choices regarding their own treatment. It’s a philosophy that has served our patients very well over the years, and our ability to provide 3-D imaging only strengthens our ability to guide our patients in their treatment options.

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Meet Dr. Muecke

dr-mueckeAs founder of Aesthetic Dento-Facial Associates, Dr. Randy Muecke has been providing quality preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services in the Atlanta area for many years. Specializing in a patient-centered, patient-directed model of dentistry, Dr. Muecke is known for his ability to explain to the patient the exact nature of the problem in a way that is easy to understand, outline all possible treatments, and allow the patient to make an informed decision as to treatment.

Born in Sanford, Florida, Dr. Muecke grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and graduated from Emory University School of Dentistry (having also served as Student Body President during his time there). After serving for three years overseas as a dentist in the U.S. Air Force, he returned to the Atlanta area and opened his own practice in Sandy Springs, offering comprehensive dental services to his patients.

In 1999, together with his business partner, David Leever, D.D.S., Dr. Muecke entered a partnership with Georgia Tech Research Institute involving their patent on a proprietary formula for utilizing CT data to simplify complex dental procedures. As a result of this partnership, Dr. Muecke became the first general dentistry practitioner in the U.S. to have a CT scanner in his office, giving him the ability to provide 3-D X-ray images of his patients’ teeth and jaws and establishing his practice on the cutting edge of comprehensive dental practices. Today, Dr. Muecke and the staff at Aesthetic Dento-Facial Associates continue their commitment to using the latest technology and advances to provide quality treatment and care for all their patients.

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When you come into our office, we’ll make sure to provide a safe, friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

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