Invisalign Teen

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Let’s face it, if you’re a teenager, between school, sports, dating, and hanging out with your friends, getting metal braces is the last thing you want to do. Well, with Invisalign Teen, you can straighten your teeth without a mouth full of metal wires, leaving you free to enjoy the best years of your life to the fullest extent.

No One Needs To Know

Invisalign Teen aligners are made of a smooth, clear plastic material that’s virtually invisible! Unless you tell them, your friends will never know you’re wearing them. Instead of a mouth full of metal holding you back, you’ll be able to flash a confident smile every day, which can make all the difference in the world.

Eat With Freedom

If you know someone with metal braces, you know that eating popcorn chewing gum, or even eating whole apples are all out of the question. But with Invisalign Teen, the aligners can be removed, allowing you to eat anything you want. You can also brush and floss your teeth as usual, helping you maintain proper oral hygiene. You won’t get that with traditional braces!

Keep Doing What You Love

If you play sports or a musical instrument, having a mouth full of metal can keep you from doing the things you love and enjoy. Things just aren’t the same if you’re worried about getting hit in the mouth with a ball or cutting your lip while playing your trumpet. Invisalign Teen can help those worries fade into the background, so you can focus on what you do best – being a teenager.

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Invisalign Teen

With Invisalign Teen®, you can straighten your teeth without metal wires and brackets getting in the way. You’re free to enjoy the things that make these the best times of your life.