Teeth Whitening Techniques That Can Change Your Life

aesthetic-dentoWhat do you notice when you grin in the mirror? Do you like the reflection that you see or do you notice a yellow and dingy color on your teeth that make you seem older than you really are? It could be time to see your dentist and learn about teeth whitening techniques that can change your life.

White teeth can make you look healthier and younger than you actually are, but discolored teeth can do the exact opposite. They can make you look aged and not as good as you should. Teeth stains can occur because of a variety of reasons like drinking water that has a lot of fluoride in it or drinking tea, coffee, or red wine. Anyone can suffer from the effects of having a yellowish smile. Even if you brush your teeth regularly and floss often, your teeth can turn yellow.

There are many new teeth whitening techniques out there that can help you turn yellow teeth into bright white ones that will attract attention. Imagine having teeth as white as when you were a little child.

How can teeth whitening work for you?

Think about the way that you whiten laundry by adding a little bleach to make your clothing whiter. Teeth whitening works the same way by using non-invasive bleach to get rid of stains and it brightens the color of your teeth enamel to a beautiful, sparkling white color.

You can use special toothpastes that have whitening agents in them. When you use these types of toothpastes for a while, they can help your teeth to stay looking bright. If toothpaste does not give you the results that you want, try over-the-counter kits that will whiten your teeth or whitening strips. If you have serious discoloring issues, you may want to visit your dentist. There are professional procedures available that can really whiten your teeth.

Do You Think Teeth Whitening Is For You?

The American Dental Association suggests that you get a dental examination with our dentist to see if teeth whitening is for you. Let our dentist evaluate your teeth and overall dental health by looking at hard and soft tissues, checking out the condition of restorations, and in some cases reading x-rays to determine irregularities.

Not everyone will be suited to teeth whiteners. Many people that have grayish teeth may not get good results from teeth whitening. People that have yellow teeth can usually see amazing benefits from using bleach. If you cannot find the right teeth-whitening techniques for your needs, you may want to look at porcelain veneers or even bonding.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Chairside bleaching is another name for professional teeth whitening. It usually takes one visit to the dentist to get it. ZOOM and DASH are popular product choices for this type of dental procedure. The same company manufactures both products but DASH does not need a UV light to work. This ends up leading to less UV light exposure and a decrease in sensitivity after this procedure. Many patients are deciding to use DASH.

When you visit your dentist, a gel may be put on your gums or shield made from rubber to protect your soft tissues from any type of bleach chemical burn. The bleaching agent can be put on the teeth and a light will be used if you are using ZOOM. It usually takes about three sessions taking up to fifteen minutes each to get the best results. This will depend on the sensitivity of the patient.

In some cases, teeth-whitening procedures start in the office and are finished at home. During your starter visit to the dentist office, teeth impressions can be made. You can have custom trays that are made for the bleaching process. On your second visit, the trays will be fitted for use. You may also get an oxidizing agent to use for about thirty minutes twice a day from home. You can use this technique for two weeks. If a higher concentrate of this agent is used, the amount of time the tray should be left on will be less and the process should only be done a couple more times.

Joyful, Whiter Smile

You want to brush your teeth twice daily and floss once to see best results. Visit your dentist often to keep your smile looking joyful. You can have your ideal smile that is white and keeps you looking younger.


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