Please join us in celebrating 6 years of serving our communities dental needs. We cordially invite you to celebrate with us on November 12th from 10 AM-3 PM, so we can personally thank you for your ongoing support. Complimentary champagne will be served during our Saturday Vendor Market from 10 AM-3 PM
If you have a friend or a family member who is not our patient yet, we ask you to invite them along to meet us so we can give them a tour of the office.

COVID-19/ What to expect

Dear Patients,

We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. Our communities have been through a lot over the last few months, and all of us are looking forward to resuming our normal habits and routines. While many things have changed, one thing has remained the same: our office’s commitment to your safety.


Our mission has been to provide the highest quality dental care to our community always operating in your best interest. As we prepare to reopen our doors after COVID-19 National shut down, we would like to introduce you to the steps taken to demonstrate our dedication and our commitment to serving you. At your next appointment, in addition to upholding the OSHA standards that we have always maintained, you will notice updated office protocols, new technology, and additional equipment above and beyond the required. Please read them over so you know what to expect when you come to your appointment.


Temperature checks 


All team members and patients will be screened daily. Anyone with a temperature of 100° or higher will not be permitted to enter our building.


Prior to your appointment 


You will be asked to complete two documents: a COVID-19 prescreening form as well as an update on any changes in your medical history or new medications. Currently, we are integrating new software and in a few weeks we will go completely digital. All necessary forms will be available to complete online. You’ll be able to fill them out in the privacy of your own home and submit them to us prior your appointment. We will follow up with a separate e-mail with instructions. We also are happy to assist you with any questions. 




We ask that patients “check-in” by calling us at 470-695-3534, letting us know you have arrived. Please include your car’s make and color. Relax in your vehicle; we will be out to greet you with a warm welcome and a temperature reading.


Additional prevention measures 


Patients will be asked to sanitize their hands before being taken directly to their patient suite. Please wear a mask if you have one.


Our new ‘look’


You will notice your hygienist or assistant fully equipped in PPE (personal protection equipment) and happy to see you and always smiling underneath it all. 


Behind the scenes


As always, each clinical suite has been meticulously prepared for your arrival. In addition to every surface being treated with the proper disinfection tools, we have added the award-winning REME HALO® in-duct air purifier technology. The system has been thoroughly tested to safely remove the risks of airborne and surface bacteria, mold spores and viruses. It utilizes RGF’s proprietary Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy technology and produces Hydro-Peroxide plasma that is distributed through the air handler, through the duct system and into the conditioned office space. Unlike passive air technologies, which need pollutants to pass through the unit for purification or filtration, the REME HALO® in-duct air purifier sweeps through our office actively purifying pollutants at the source. In addition, the charged plasma induces particles to coagulate or stick together making them bigger and easier for the filter to catch. With increased ionized hydro-peroxide output and the enhanced catalyst with zinc, it is capable of purifying every cubic inch of air within our building envelope. It is effective against all three categories of indoor air pollutants: Particulates, Microbials and Gases. 


Time to say goodbye


At the end of your appointment, we will schedule your next appointment, process your payment and email your receipt. We will escort you to the side door to return to your car. This will limit crossing paths as much as possible.

We ask that you please be patient and understand that we will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs as we know many of you are anxious to get back into our office. All appointments will be scheduled in a manner that promotes social distancing and allows for adequate time for us to disinfect all areas of use in between patient appointments.

We appreciate your understanding regarding our new procedures and hope you appreciate the added safety measures we are taking to ensure your care. Thank you for allowing us to be a dedicated part of your healthcare team.


If you are ever unable to make an appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. We would be glad to reschedule the appointment at a more convenient time if necessary. We look forward to seeing you again and serving your needs.




Northgate Station Comprehensive Dentistry Team.



Patient’s Review

Here Is What Our Patients Say About Their Experience With Us:


Phillip Hunt on 04/11/2018: Always an excellent experience.

Greg Mikkelsen on 04/03/2018: Very professional, high tech, great staff.

Bruce Moore on 03/20/2018: Great place.

Turrena Moore on 03/20/2018: Amazing Staff from front desk all the way to the back.

Jean Domanik on 03/07/2018: Very caring & professional staff and Doctor!

Elzada Ganaway on 03/03/2018: WOW! We definitely have Georgia treasures in Dr. Muecke and Lana. All the personnel are outstanding and compassionate too. The equipment and technology make you think you have gone through a time warp into the future. Many thanks for a superb experience. Z G

Peggy Butler on 02/24/2018: Also good service and friendly staff!

James Johnson on 02/22/2018: Excellent service.

Brian Rogers on 02/21/2018: This practice has state of the art equipment and top notch staff. Dr. Muecke is the most talented Dentist I have visited in 30 years!

Katie Nichols on 02/21/2018: We love this practice!

Steve Mengert on 02/13/2018: Excellent. Latest technology enabling a much More satisfactory experience. Very pleasant surroundings.

Margaret Wendelburg on 02/07/2018: Excellent care….pain free dentistry.

Amy Crosby Remling on 02/07/2018: Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, excellent service.

Lamar Keene on 02/04/2018: Very efficient, friendly, professional.

Mark Newton on 02/03/2018: Dr. Muecke spends a lot of time with you and is very knowledgeable. Great to have a dentist with an office so convenient to Big Canoe.

Peggy Butler on 01/31/2018: Always nice and accommodating!

Virgina Hopkins on 01/24/2018: Everyone was very efficient,very competent,and very pleasant.

David Brooks on 01/21/2018: Love the fact that he & Savannah explain each step before they do them. Good chairside manner. Lana is super too. Excellent demeanor with feeling of welcome from front desk. Very professional environment. Five stars.

Brian Rogers on 01/17/2018: Staff was great and welcoming. Lana is a real pro. Dr. Muecke is an excellent communicator with years of experience. This office is a great addition to Big Canoe and the area!

Keller Wilson on 01/16/2018: I receive comprehensive dental care.

Wanda Stewart on 01/13/2018: Great service!

Jean Domanik on 01/06/2018: Kind, caring, professional attention – on the patient.

Mark Green on 12/13/2017: As usual, my visit to Northgate Comprehensive Dentistry was very satisfactory. The office is inviting and comfortable (how often do you hear this about a dentist office?). The equipment there is state of the art and so clean and new. The technician Svetlana is very thorough and such a pleasant person. And Dr. Muecke was his usual professional self. Inspires a high level of confidence. It was seamless, and I really like the text and email alerts confirming the time. No waiting. Oh, did I mention that the dentist chairs are amazing? A real treat in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains!

 Reviews For Our Sandy Springs Office: 

Barbara Wilensky: Great as usual!

Brenda Tasker: Always a pleasant visit.

Erin S: I am a 43 year old, real-estate agent. My looks are very important to me. I had some “orthodontic work” back in my teen years which involved the removal of four back teeth. As I grew older, I noticed my teeth began to incline inward which eventually resulted in unattractively thin lips and deep wrinkles around my mouth. My teeth were getting noticeably shorter and more easily stained. My lips and wrinkles bothered me so much, I considered undergoing plastic surgery to have fuller lips and to get rid of those wrinkles. Luckily, I met Dr Muecke before I went for that surgery. I had Invisalign treatment for 10 weeks which put my teeth back in the right places and beautiful veneers to replace lost tooth structure. By doing this I got my lips and my face back. Long term results, No plastic surgery!

Sharon Moore: Very nice office and super staff. I was worried about my teen daughter. She had some terrible dental experiences elsewhere a few years ago. From that experience she developed a severe dental phobia and would not go even to clean her teeth. A few months ago she was in a lot of pain and I took her to see Dr. Muecke. He and his assistant Kandi did a great job managing her anxiety and fear of dentists. I was shocked when on the way home my daughter said: “ It was actually fun, Mom! I’ve learn so much about my teeth…”…great place! Would definitely recommend this practice.

Rod Allison: Outstanding! I drive from Nashville for this great service!

Teresa W:  The best! I’ve always been terrified of visiting the Dentist. Thanks to Dr. Muecke and his wonderful staff, this is no longer the case :). Everyone in the office is super friendly and attentive. Dr. Muecke is the most gentle dentist I’ve ever had. He is very informative and his staff is very supportive. They vent over four options on how to fix my teeth and explained pros and cons of each option.  At the end of my consultation I was able to make my own decision comfortably, knew exactly what to expect and the cost. Thank you Dr. Muecke, Kandi, Lana & Fran! Love my visits with no surprises. 

Philip R:  Dr. Muecke’s work is exceptional! The level of care this practice offers is absolutely wonderful. The staff is kind and makes you feel welcome.

Carolyn Wynens: First-rate Dental Care Professional, advanced dental care I’ve counted on for many years.

Elizabeth N: My family and I have been going here since 1991. Dr Muecke always have the best staff and over the years, I have gotten to know personally most of them. You can imagine, in 20+ years we have been through a lot. The doctors and staff are always receptive to my needs and questions. They always make you feel very special. I would highly recommend this office to anyone.

Loureen: Always great service and exceptional dental care. No waiting time at all. Doctor Muecke is a very good, experienced dentist and his staff is super welcoming and supportive. I am so glad I came here several years ago. They are the best in Atlanta. Period.

Eleanor Ridley: Everything one wants for an outstanding dentist, assistant and office.

Amanda K: Changed my life! I came to see Dr. Muecke because I felt like my previous dentist did not know what to do with me. I had constant headaches and jaw pains, not to mention, my teeth looked horrible. My father was an incredible man whom I love deeply but, unfortunately, I inherited his bad teeth. Over the years, I had significant amount of dental work and it seemed like my teeth could not “work together as a set” any longer. A good friend recommended Dr. Muecke. to me The best decision I’ve ever made! His clinical expertise and his diagnostic process is so thorough and unique. After 3 easy, pain-free visits I am now is a new, happy and attractive person. I feel great! Only regret, I did not meet him 30 years ago.

Brenda Tasker: They always take good care of me.

Gabriele S: Beautiful office. Great experience!

T G : Excellent care in a comfortable atmosphere!

Brandon C: The staff and office are great and I love that everyone makes you feel welcome the minute you walk in the door.



Dental Implants vs Bridges

Dental Implants or Bridges?

When considering dental implant options amidst other options like bridges and dentures, it is important to consider the point that dental implants last much longer than the other options.

A dental bridge, the creation of a tooth supported by anchors to real teeth on each side, requires grinding down adjacent teeth to make the bridge. Bridges cause increased tooth destruction and only last ten to fifteen years before requiring a replacement bridge. In contrast, implants can last a lifetime.

Dental implants have been perfected for over forty-five years, and consist of titanium, a similar material to what is used in orthopedic knee and hip replacements. With advances in implant techniques over the last ten years, implants have emerged as the ideal treatment option.

If a tooth is lost, the sooner an implant is installed, the better. Over time, bone loss at a missing tooth site can occur and losing too much bone can require a graft. Dental implant surgery takes about one hour. After an implant is placed, it heals for a few months, allowing time for the bone to fuse to the implant. Once fused, Dr. Larsen takes an impression of the mouth and uses it to fabricate the crown for the implant.

Patients sometimes have the wrong idea of what to expect after dental implant surgery, says Dr. Larsen. If you’ve lost a tooth due to extraction, it’s going to hurt much less than that. “I’ve had patients say it’s easier and less painful than having a crown done,” he says. Dental implant surgery has a success rate of anywhere from 96 to 98 percent.

Rare side effects and complications can include improper fusion of the implant to the jaw bone. If that occurs, the implant is removed, the bone heals, and the patient can try again.

Implant patients experience less alterations to life after an implant surgery, compared to a bridge or a denture. Implants can be brushed and flossed like a real tooth, unlike a bridge, where food particles can get wedged underneath the appliance and may require removal by a dentist. Dentures usually require regular removal and cleansing by the patient.

Dental Implants


A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason.


Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.42.17 AMEndosteal (in the bone): This is he most commonly used type of implant. The various types include screws, cylinders or blades surgically placed into the jawbone. Each implant holds one or more prosthetic teeth. This type of implant is generally used as an alternative for patients with bridges or removable dentures.



Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.49.38 AMSubperiosteal (on the bone): These are placed on top of the jaw with the metal framework’s posts protruding through the gum to hold the prosthesis. These types of implants are used for patients who are unable to wear conventional dentures and who have minimal bone height.


Our services include cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening and dental bridges.

Consultations and Diagnostics

Your consultation appointment is the foundation for creating your individual plan for oral health. Our philosophy is to provide optimal services for patients in the manner in which they choose.


We are now able to construct beautiful porcelain over metal as well as full porcelain and resin-based bridges to produce the best results for each particular situation.

Cleanings/Check Ups

Whether a six month checkup or full periodontal therapy, our hygienists will always strive to provide the very best treatment while maintaining your absolute comfort.

Invisalign Teen

With Invisalign Teen®, you can straighten your teeth without metal wires and brackets getting in the way. You’re free to enjoy the things that make these the best times of your life.